What is the best offstring yoyo to get for a beginner?

Check out the yoyojam go big or the fiesta XX. you wont regret either one. i have a XX and it is amazing! big, good spin time, and durable.

I have a yomega maverick it is really good spin time and it’s undersized so i like it you should get it it’s cheap to

the maverick isn’t an offstring yoyo though. nor is it undersized. o.O
as theyoyoist said, go big or fiesta xx are great. I would say fiesta xx is better for more complex string tricks, while the go big is better for crazy catches (like what conde does)

I like the Equinox or the Go Big.

I don’t even know what offspring means

I like my Hayabusa. C=

I’m sure you can figure out what “off” means and what “spring” means and therefore figure it out.

But they are talking 4A/offstring, not dismantled pogo sticks.

I liked my Hayabusa, it is cheap and really good. I was not a huge fan of the Fiesta response although I hear that the Fiesta XX changed those problems.

I would go with either the Bigyo, Hayabusa, or Fiesta XX. Or perhaps a Throw Monkey. I have seen those used.

LOL. dismantled pogo sticks. Hehe.

I like to used the Fiesta xx and the SEARCH BAR when I play offstring

How do you use the search bar when you play off-string? I would think your hands would be pretty busy playing yoyo. Are you checking search engines by typing with your toes? Can we get a video of that?

Sorry, I’m mostly a uni-tasker. When I’m playing with the yoyo, that’s all I can do at the moment.

I got a Griffin Wing and was pleased with it. It’s wide enough so that it’s not too hard to catch. It’s pretty inexpensive, but mine has taken a pounding and is still working great.

I would say to get a Fiesta xx, a Go Big, or Griffon wing.