Going off string?

So im going to start messing around with off string. What yoyo should i use?

Here are some i already own:

yoyojam surge
rec rev f(x)
dark magic 2
a bunch of nice metal ones (wont be using these i assume?)

Im also about to place an order on yye so if there is one that would be worth buying to start on i would be interested?

Looking at maybe flying panda or go big? idk?

YoYoJam Go Big’s a nice beginner friendly offstring :slight_smile:

Just got one myself, and it’s seems pretty easy to learn on, I’ve picked up throw, catch, hops and bind in less than 1/2 an hour

I’m looking for something that would be on a really advanced level because I would like to get to that level and dont want to have to get a new one at that point. Would the go big still be a best choice for that? I have played a flying panda before and was able to do some basics like boingy boing and stuff.

Let’s see:
Go Big. Ben Conde is kicking butt and taking names with this yoyo at a top level. Enough said.
Fiesta XX: Bryan Figueroa’s a top level competitor. A bit bigger than the GoBig, it’s all about the preferences.
RexTreme: I’m having some durability issues with this yoyo, but it’s wide, easy to catch.

The new YYR has an interesting shape and at $40, it’s gonna be an an upcoming order.

The thing is, with off-string, like anything else, preferences always rule. Another thing is there’s really no “Beginner” models because most of the lower-cost off-strings here at YYE are not only good for learning, but are also good for competition. In those regards, it’s like 2A: competition grade stuff is just fine for beginners(and recommended). However, I just don’t recommend spending more than $30 on an off-string to get started.

Start with the Go Big or Fiesta XX as they are under $30 and top performers.

I’m curious about that YYR… Shoot me a pm about your thoughts once you get one :slight_smile:

Remind me about that. I’m taking a break from YYE for about a month(Starting today) to concentrate back on pro audio as I learn a new console and prepare for upcoming events. However, I will still be buying during the break. I got to see the Aeronut at Nationals at YYE’s table, and I like what I saw. The construction looks like an Ashira Kamui from the top down(bolt and nut axle system), but with a YYR shape noticed in the profile. I think I should enjoy it.

I’ll still be around, just mostly lurking and barely posting.

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I’m getting an Aeronaut on Wednesday, I can tell you how I like it. Just getting back into 4A though, I’ve only done it for 2 days with my ONE and WHiP (these are actually really nice for offstring if you only have 1A yoyos) but I did it for like a month a while back so I’m still okay.

I have both fiesta xx and go big. Honestly, they are both able to handle most anything you can throw at them. I would personally suggest the go big, but mine broke after only 2-3 months of not very consistent play on nothing but carpet or wood…rather frustrating considering it was made to be dropped. Any ways for that reason I would suggest the fiesta over the go big. It has long spin times, bounces fairly well on hard surfaces and is responsive enough for open binds

I tried the YYR about a month ago. From the couple throws I took, and my amateur 4a skills, I seemed to like it better than the fiesta xx. However, I may be biased because it was so new and other reasons.

The Darkmagic is awesome in off string play or at least it was in the video I saw sure made it look that way.

I know there are better options but you mentioned this one and this video really plays it up as a good off string yoyo

I wouldn’t use a “1A” sized yoyo for 4A.

However, if you’re gonna use a DM2, then put the narrow bearing back in it or binds are gonna not be so easy.

Glad André and his wife aren’t you. They rocked off string with the darkmagic 2 in that video!