Is the go big good

I’m brand new to off-string and I got the go big yoyoexpert swagger edition and I’m wandering if its good and if its good for my first

First, as with all things yoyo, it’s all about preferences. Of course, I have lots of likes as well, so I’m biased towards things I like.

1: I generally recommend spending less than $30 to get started in off-string. However, ignoring the “Swagger Edition”, this is a $30 retail off-string. I’m not trying to say you spent too much, I’m talking about the Go Big in general. However, is the Go Big worth $30? Retail? Sure, you betcha. Performance? I’m no expert, but I like this off-string and I think it’s a bit under-priced!

2: The rubber rims let you throw for longer as it’s softer on the return. It’s also softer on the bounce and the rubber rims can grip and get away from you. Compare this to a yoyo I like better, the Fiesta XX, which has a better bounce but the celcon rims can make you sore after longer sessions. Most of my off-strings have harder rims, such as the ReXtreme, Fiesta XX, Jet Set, Griffin Wing, others… When I need to give my hand a break, I will switch to the Go big because of the rubber rims. Then again, I’ll sometimes just pick up the Go Big and throw it for an hour or more. I have no problem going to this yoyo.

3: Great for a first off-string? Well, opinions vary. My recommendation is the Fiesta XX because it’s slightly larger in diameter and slightly wider in width, so you get a bigger “catch zone”. However, the Go Big is just as suitable for beginners too. So what if it’s a little smaller. Honestly, the size difference isn’t going to make it that much more difficult to catch. If you can catch a Fiesta XX, you can catch a Go Big. I have no issue recommending the Go Big.

4: The gap in the Go Big is a bit smaller than yoyos that use a full width C bearing by a tiny amount. Is this bad? Not in the least. It will be easier to bind. Whip binds will be easier, as will be regens when you can get around to it. As far as lower spin times, with a good bearing in there properly treated and lubed, you’ll get great spin times. You can’t throw as many layers in the gap because there’s less gap but that should be obvious.

5: Two things. The stock string is not great, so replace it with your favorite 100% poly string you’re using in your 1A yoyos. Second, the bearing is a half-spec C bearing. I’ve had great results with 9 out of 10 of these bearings and giving me fantastic spin times. I clean all my bearings in new yoyos now, but that’s just so I can ensure I’m controlling how things are. You probably won’t need to clean the bearing. When you do decide to lube it, just be aware that the bearing has no shields because there’s no room for them. Use the needle method to lube the bearing or else you’ll over-lube quickly.

In short, you’ve made a decision or had a decision made for you and now you’ve got product in hand. It’s a bit late to be asking those kind of questions. However, the Go Big is not only a great off-string, it’s also great for competition as well as learning. It’s a lot of fun.

Warning: YYJ strings their off-strings for 1A. Just take the string off and get busy!

My son has a Fiesta XX, which he learned 4A on. Due to issues with his Fiesta XX, he was playing my Go Big. While I’ve fixed the issue with his Fiesta XX, I am planning to get him a second Fiesta XX and now he wants a Go Big. The smaller size gives him no issue, he can easily go between any of my off-strings and do just fine. Of course, he goes through my cases all the time anyways!!

Go watch some videos and start throwing 4A!

the go big is an excellent place to start 4a. It’s one of the yoyos I highly recommend for people that want to test the waters, as is the fiesta xx. They’re both phenomenal (I still enjoy playing with my go big even though I have delrin offstring throws that retail 5x its price)

For crazy catches and binds, imho, there’s nothing better. If you were more interested in learning more intricate string tricks, the fiesta xx would be a better choice.

While were on the topic of the go big, did they change the gap size? Mine has a full size “C” bearing in it, but Apollo2’s has a narrow “C” bearing in it. Mine is older, his is newer.

Back on topic. It’s an excellent throw, especially after you take the caps off. Plays soooooo much better.

They’ve always had a narrow c sized bearing as far as I know. I got mine at worlds 2011 when they were first released, and it has a narrow bearing.