Beginner Offstring?


Hi, I am an intermediate-advanced yoyo player for 1a. I wanted to do something different and try offstring, so what are some good throws? I don’t wan’t to spend more than 25-30 dollars on one.

(2Sick Joey) #2

Go Big is really great but the FiestaXX seems to be popular in that price range as well.


What’s interesting about 4A is the stuff designed for beginners is also “professional and competition grade”, similar to 2A. However, thanks to the recent surge in 4A popularity among manufacturers, high-priced 4A’s are tricking into the market.

Fiesta XX is all celcon, which helps drive the price down to where it is. The yoyo helps the designer win the US Nationals.

Th Go Big uses rubber rims, which pushes the price up. It also plays differently than the Fiesta XX.

Both are what you want to consider. My preference is the Fiesta XX. I do have both.




Or a Flying Panda.


Is the Fiesta XX or the Go Big easier to learn with?


I’m only going to say Fiesta XX because it’s bigger with a larger catch zone. However, etiher are great for learning.


i started with a flying panda, and learned just fine! acually these are the 4 things id recommend


FIESTA XX! its big, its tough, its awesome. literally a world champs $30 used in victorius freestyle yoyo. very easy to catch, big, long spinning, and uses a c bearing! no rubber rims though, but the tough as heck celcon can still withstand a beating!
i learned most of my tricks, no matter how few, on this babe!

cost: $20

if you have a local big 5 sporting goods, they sell flying pandas for 8 bucks! acaully not bad at all!
its almost mandatory to get the offstring mod spacers on it (they expand the gap and provide a better response system) replaces the horrid duncan friction stickers with a competition worthy, epic offstring throw! note, my flying panda has been through a beating. i threw ot over 20 feet in the air, and it smacked the concrete, only brown marks, not even making a ding of sorts, were left on the yoyo. thats durability.

total cost: $18 (is theres a big 5 in the area) or $25 if you buy it off yye (including off string mod spacers)


another cheap, competition ready, beginner friendly offstring yoyo! the rubber rims can withstand a beating

total cost: $30 i belive


fiesta xx, but the go big has rubber rims which prevent any real big damage on the yoyo. i would look at both.


Gone 50 with my tm!!! FUN.


NICCEE BRO! i love just chicking offsring and watching it bang the concrete… even daring to try and whip it as its falling!