Offstring yoyo


What are some good offstring yoyos? I broke my last one and want to try again.


What did you have before?

Of what I have that are current production models, Fiesta XX and Go Big.

There’s certainly other great stuff out there. The Shinwoo Griffin Wing is actually pretty decent. There’s also a lot of stuff in the upper price bracket as well. I’m just not willing to spend that kind of money on a 4A throw at this point in my adventures in flying yoyos. Plus, if the Fiesta XX can take you to 2nd in the World and 1st for USA Nationals, that’s certainly good enough for me!


I only have one offstring yoyo and its the Fiesta XX and it is pretty good. I’m just really bad at offstring tho

(themikedurdak) #4

I like them both. They are very good, but go big is a little better, although grinds are easier to learn on fiesta.


what do you mean by the go big is “better”?


He means that in HIS opinion based on HIS preferences, he’s come to the conclusion that for him, the Go Big is better.

For me, I have both, and my preferences say that the Fiesta XX is better.

Confused? Get used to it. Preferences play a major role in yoyo selection and enjoyment.

Better is relative term. The Fiesta XX and the Go Big are just very different, but both are really good as well. I have no issue recommending either or both. Which one is better for beginners? I don’t know. The Fiesta XX has a bigger catch zone and is a bit bigger, so you have a bigger target. The Go Big isn’t that much smaller so you shouldn’t have much issue catching that one either.

Now, Acuda does make a valid point about grinds. The Fiesta XX is all celcon, so it’s easier for grinds. The Go Big’s rubber rims can be a bit grippy, so you notice Ben Conde wears a glove? That’s to reduce friction as well as protect his hand a bit. Both can grind. I think the Fiesta XX grinds better. He isn’t more right, and I’m not more right. That’s my opinion.


I must admit, the Fiesta XX is better in my opinion…The Go Big is a bigger, response given version of the Aquarius, and I love my Aqua way better than a Go Big…Go Bigs are too snaggy for me. But I also Used a full C in my fiesta xx, so… The OG fiesta was my personal fav…It didn’t bounce on tile floors, it slid in place, making it easier to recover from a drop.