Best offstring yoyo

Just want to know what you think is a good/greatest offstring yoyo.

My favorite is the Fiesta XX. I plan to get another soon.

A friend has the Rexstreme. Another great one I want to get. Wouldn’t mind getting an Equinox as well.

The Big Yo is not only good for learning but for competition but I find stock it’s not really how I’d like it I think. The response is too grippy for my preferences, so I may silicone int.

The Go Big is wonderful too. I just prefer my Fiesta XX.

I have 4 Aquarius. I like this one a lot but they aren’t made anymore. I think this one was overhauled to become the Go Big. I think they took the rubber rimmed/narrow bearing concept, then retooled it from the ground up.

The Hayabusa is OK. The Griffin Wing is pretty good. The Flying Panda I got for cheap and with mods can be not bad, but I don’t think will ever be a competition quality throw.

I refuse to really spend more than that kind of money(per throw) until I get much better at 4A. Even so, I think the Go Big and the Fiesta XX are gonna be my go-to throws(with the Fiesta XX in the lead) because they are current production models.

I LOVE the Shinwoo pro Wing
The Hayabusa
And my Solar!

These offstrings are my favorite.
And Fiesta XX is amazing for it’s sleep time haha

Technically the best offstring yo-yo is the best for you. :wink:

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