Offstring yoyos?

I am curious what offstring yoyos are a good for beginner offstring throwers?
Please don’t mention the Go Big I got one and really disliked it. It there was a black crack when I got it
and the wrong bearing was in it so I couldn’t bind and I didn’t know until my warranty expired.

Any ideas Yohonyo

really any one would work. the fiesta XX has really worked for me.

hayabusa,fiesta,big yo, flying panda anything on those lines i learned the basics on my fiesta and then stopped due to seeing raiders at five bellow (OMG RIGHT) but the feista is great but if you want to if that crack doesnt alter play thick lube the bearing or replace it with a half c

Fiesta XX is boss great for beginners to advanced player(its won a couple of contests)

I got my fiesta xx yesterday, my first offstring. Already have tons of fun doing suicides and stuff.

I recommend the Fiesta xx or the Big Yo for a beginner. Both are very durable and easy to use.

If you’re just starting out get the Big Yo. If you can already do whip catches/ suicides/ leg rolls get the Fiesta xx.

Gonna drop a bit of attitude.

Fiesta XX or Go Big are good for beginners and all the way to competitors. This is one of two areas where most of the stuff for competition is good for learning.

Yeah, notice how I ignored your statement about the Go Big? It’s still a great yoyo to learn on.

I do prefer the Fiesta XX.