Which yoyo for beginner offstring? YYJ Fiesta or go big?


Hey, so I already have a very terrible big ben, and I want a new one. Any recommendations? I’m a beginner btw, so only beginner offstring yoyos


First of all, this belongs in the “looking for help/recommendation” section.
Anyway I currently own both and I prefer the fiesta xx. It is slightly wider so it’s a little easier to catch. It also bounces off of hard surfaces better than the Go Big which has rubber rims that grip the ground and make you chase your yoyo every time you drop it. Despite not having rubber rims the fiesta xx will take tons of abuse. I play mine over rough concrete in my backyard and I barely feel the scratches in the rims. I say go with the Fiesta xx


The Fiesta is my favorite, hands down. It’s made out of celcon (delrin) which is incredibly durable and takes abuse better than pretty much any other yoyo material I can think of off han-… strin-… Off the top of my head.

Likewise, the Fiesta is very capable for even advanced 4a, which in my mind solidifies the deal. You could get away with never upgrading from it if you wanted to. I have yet to feel like I need better.

I might want a second Fiesta, however.


Fiesta XX if you’re a beginner. It’s really all preference when you get better. I prefer the Go Big because I like the response better.