Off String

Good morning everyone!

I’m in the market for an off string yoyo, I managed to bag a YYJ Equinox for less than a fiver last weekend and have been using it to practice and learn off string yoyo’ing. I’ve found off string to be an amazing path, I find it more rewarding and a lot of fun than normal yoyo’ing and fairly easy to get down the basic’s.

Now that I have the basics down I am looking at branching out into more advanced tricks and I feel the equinox wont last long with those, Specifically ones where the yoyo hits the ground and bounces back to the player. The plastic rims on it just feel too flimsy to take a bunch of hard rookie-aimed hits to the ground.

Could anyone recommend some good off string’s, I’m not looking in any certain price range, I just want to get a feel for what the community considers good. I have been looking at the Go Big mainly because of it’s rubber rims but I have also been looking at some of the more… high end throws like the C3 Solar (I’m guessing that’s high end?)

The best ones ive found are the Milkshake, Kamui, and Kainer.
Id say dont go the path of the go big as you said you want bounce, these dont bounce.

Fiesta XXs have a nice bounce and weight more, so id say to to that if you dont want to keep using the equinox.

The Fiesta and Go Big are also excellent 4A throws.

The Fiesta XX is naturally kind of bouncy, even though it doesn’t have rubber rims. The downside is those rims are subject to scratches and can be hard on your hands depending on how hard it gets.

The Go Big isn’t all that bouncy unless you’re being intentional with it. The rubber rims help reduce the scrapes and scratches from landing on hard surfaces, gives it extra traction to run away from you when it hits the ground, and again, cushions falls. If you plan to do certain grinds, the rubber is very grippy so you’ll want some kind of glove for those grind tricks.

There’s always give and take in this area. Decide what’s more important to you. I prefer the Fiesta XX<but I have no issues with the Go Big. I have and enjoy both.

Either the Go Big or the Fiesta XX