Which off string yoyo is best in your opinon?

Okay i looked up the three off string yoyos:
Equinox,Big yo,and Fiesta.
Which do you think is the best?
I’ve tried a Big yo and i like it but i’d like to try those to too.
Which is the best cause i drop the yoyo a lot when i play off string.

i like the fiesta. i have also have heard the equinox is awesome

Fiesta, its really durable. I have dropped my fiesta alot of times and its like new.

Fiesta sounds good but it uses the big yo bearing right?

Has anyone tried the Equinox?

For durability I would probably go for the BigYo or Fiesta. Regarding the Equinox, more parts usually means more things that can break. I haven’t played one so I don’t know for sure though!

I had a BigYo before but traded it because it was to big and too hard to do tricks, I have 2 fiestas and 1 equinox, if you are more of a beginner i would go with a fiesta, the equinox is really unresponsive, another good choice is the duncan hayabusa.

But in your opinion,which would you prefer?

Kamui. :3

Out of the three you have listed I would say Fiesta but I’m going to add Hayabusa and Griffin Wing as a suggestion too. The Hayabusa is a smaller sized 4A throw, capable of move through tight spaces, and can take any beating you give it. The Griffin Wing is by far the most under rated 4A throw out there and is my main 4A throw. For $15 you can’t go wrong.


big yo is good for beginners because it is super wide and easy to catch. after that though, the spin times are lacking and it is slippy.

I tried a fiesta once and I didn’t like it much but I might just be picky. I do Os with my pgm2.

I just read on yoyojam.com that Rei Iwakura will be getting a new signature yoyo soon, which I would guess would be really big because he uses the BigYo, but it will probaly be good. I will definitely be picking one up though.

Our preference isn’t going to affect what you should get because, well, we aren’t you.

All those choices are great. You just have to pick the one that looks best to you. They can all take whatever you throw (no pun intended) at them.