Begginer offstring yoyos

What is the best begginer offstring yoyo

Purely opinion but… Duncan Hayabusa SL.

Many people will say that the BigYo2 is the best for beginners because it’s so easy to catch.

I say aquarius.

aquarius is discontinued… I would get a hayabusa, BigYo, or fiesta. They’re all great

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duncan hayabusa is rather hard for learning IMO, because they are smaller in catch zone.
the bigyo2 has larger catch zone easier to learn on, because its easier to catch

I don’t know much about offstring but that seems like something my common sense would tell me so go for big yo

Is it the Big Yo or the Big Yo2???

The BigYo is discontinued and the BigYo2 took its place. The BigYo2 is the one you will find in the YoYoExpert store.

I started with my dark magic, just throwin that out there.

That’s the way I learn, hehe. I started learning Trapeze, Double or Nothing and Drop in the Bucket with the Playmaxx Turbo Bumble Bee and a Variflex Pro. I remember when I got my Duncan Avenger I thought the gap and rim design were HUGE, and way too easy to land Trapeze with. lol

Then I put down messing with Yo-Yos for several years. :stuck_out_tongue:

I learned the basic toss and catch with a duncan butterfly. Use what you have that you don’t mind if it breaks, and then buy a fiesta.

;D lol
i started with a FHZ.
didn’t work out well.
now i use bigyo, easy to learn on

Fiesta’s are great for every offstring player from beginner to expert. I highly recommend getting one. You can perform thumb grinds and everything on that yoyo. Plus, it has an adjustable gap just in case you are doing a really complicated trick and you don’t want the yoyo to hit your hand all of a sudden. It’s my favorite offstring yoyo.

Guys, you really don’t need to go out and buy a new yoyo for every style you want to try. Whatever yoyo you use for 1A will work for 4A, and 5A. The only styles you HAVE to get a new yoyo for are 2 & 3A.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect you to have one yoyo and use it for all styles forever, but just until you learn the basics and get used to it. Heck, I even practiced looping on my DM before I got a pair of Sunsets.

While I agree whole heartedly with this, I couldn’t bring myself to do it with a Yo-Yo that didn’t atleast have some protection when landing. I mean 1 good whack on the ground could do all sorts of things with a hard plastic or metal Yo-Yo. Crack plastic around the axle, bend or snap the axle, lock the bearing, loosen the nut so it doesn’t lock anymore, etc etc.

I see where you are coming from, but you could always play in grass or on carpet, you don’t have to start on hard surfaces only. lol

I just got my Fiesta yesterday and I love it. It’s my first offstring yoyo and it’s really easy to land the yoyo on the string. ;D

Great question. I started on my DM as well…it was all that was around. Then I thought for awhile reached into my old bag and found a Henrys Viper and played it. Now I use a Shinwoo Zen(not available on YYE :frowning: and a Duncan Hayabusa with the SL rims. I use them both equally with the Duncan being a bit harder to whip given the smaller catch zone. I haven’t played the Fiesta yet but have heard many good things.