Non-spinning, behind the back, offstring catch, with a protostar

I’m just too exited not to share this

I was goofing off with my yoyo in my room and I decided to try going offstring with a normal yoyo
So I tried a couple times and it didn’t really work as planned, so I went outside to try again

I eventually just rested the non spinning yoyo on the string and tried to do some offstring catches
(And note that this is my first time even trying to go offstring)
So I try some catches and I got a few of them and I was about to go inside because I was done

Just for kicks and giggles I tried to do a behind the back offstring catch for the first time
I popped it up and swung the string behind my back and nailed it the very first try and now I can’t do it again and I feel really lucky

And by the way, since I’m kinda interested in offstring, I was wondering which yoyo is best
I’ve heard the Big Yo and Fiesta xx are good[color=pink][color=black][/color][/color]

If you can find a worlds edition GoBig, that would be ideal to learn on as IMO they are the best-playing GoBigs out there; but if you cant find one, a plain old GoBig will do. I honestly hate the Bigyo with a passion for 4a so dont even go there. Another good option would be the ReXtreme, but that is a more advanced offstring or whatever but it’s still great.

The Fiesta XX is alright for 4a I guess but it wouldn’t be my first suggestion/

Go Big… Big yo is too big…

I’ve heard good things about the rextreme as well

Yea, it’s more for advanced offstring though

So is the Go Big good for beginners?

Yup! Beginner friendly ;D

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