Good offstring yoyo?


Can anyone give me some good suggestions for an offsrtring yoyo? I have a Bigyo, but it only spins for about 6 seconds after catching it on the string (allowing me to do a sun as my most advanced trick).


either a Go Big or a Hayabusa


A superwide ;D


are you serious?


Rub down your Big Yo response rings, that will help. Also, you can adjust the gap a little bit. Or, you could silicone it.

The Fiesta XX another good choice, as is the Go Big.

All three choices are definitely affordable.


open the gap a bit on your big yo. It’s not the best for offstring, but it should spin longer than that. might be your throw.

and the go big and fiesta xx are both great affordable offstrings.

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Fiesta :slight_smile:


yes superwide


Griffin Wing is an awesome beginner 4a yoyo.


but its unresponsive and its metal


oh i thoght it was responsive


the best offstring is the rextreme i own it and it is amazing

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rei iwakawa for the win


If you are willing to spend a lot go for the c3 solar. It is more advanced but I think it won’t be a problem. It also means that you won’t need to upgrade when you get better.


Equinox is my favorite.


I agree or you could go with the Fiesta xx or Go Big


one that spins


I like my panda

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