big yo vs go big

I was wondering which of these off string yoyos are better. ??? ??? ??? ???

??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

So, let me get this right:

You post something at 10:54AM and then are getting annoyined when at 11:14 you don’t have a ton of responses? Patience is rewarded.

I don’t have a Big Ben.

The Big Yo is big, a bit over-sized, feels slow and a bit clumsy. Spin times are somewhat short. Despite the big size, there’s no real advantage to learning with this yoyo. I find it’s just as easy to throw and catch a “regular sized” 4A yoyo. The plastic is very flexible, taking bounces very well. It’s durable and well made.

Having said that: The Go Big is great. Good size, comfortable, fantastic spin times. The gap is a bit small, since it uses the N-sized bearing, so binds and whip binds are pretty easy. It can be snaggy at first doing whips, but you’ll find this is an “operator error” not a yoyo issue. It’s a touch smaller than some 4A yoyos on the market, but that’s really trivial in the end. Throws and catches are easy. Then again, once you get the throw and catch down, any offstring will work well for that purpose. The rubber rims take abuse, don’t show abuse, stay soft on the return and are great for long sessions.

Given a choice of what you listed: Big Ben(over-sized 1A), Big Yo or Go Big, for me, it would be a Go Big.

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Skip the Big Yo. Trust me.

OK :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

So, I was looking at your poll and you kinda skipped a few models in there, going from $30 models right up to the $150 ZR0.

What about the Jet Set, Jet Set EC, ReXtreme, Aeronaut and others?

The only thing I dislike about the ZR0 is the large gap makes it very hard for me to do open whip binds, but knowing Zach and seeing him do it like crazy, you know it’s totally possible. I like the extra weight and where it is on the JetSet. Oddly enough, with a white off-string, I can’t open whip bind reliably, but I can with nearly all my other off-strings. Not sure what is up with that. That’s clearly a “me” issue.

To start out, don’t spend more than $40. Less is better. Fiesta XX for sure.


If I were you, I would get a Go Big or Aeronaut. The Go Big for what Studio said. It’s fast, open binds are easy, and I just like the way it feels. The Aeronaut is really, really good in pretty much every category. The only thing is it doesn’t have a specific character like the Go Big, it fits a wider variety of styles.

Get the go big!!!

Anyone having to ask what 4A yoyo to get should not be buying an advanced one. They may be designed to take hits but you will eventually break them. The Go Big is a lot more durable and a lot cheaper. If you end up enjoying it and get down some tricks then go spend the big money.

OK :smiley:

I own a Fiesta XX. It’s the only 4a that I own. So far it works well and can take hits pretty well. I’ve heard the Go Big is also good, but the rubber rims make it roll farther when it bounces.

Does go big have good balance

The halves are the same, so yes, it has good balance, as to all the other ones on your list, and all the ones that aren’t on your list either.

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Is the fiesta good at one handed binds ???


I can do one handed binds and open whip binds on this with NO problem. In fact, I can do those with most 4A yoyos. Oddly enough though, I have a hard time doing the open whip bind consistently on white or clear off-strings, which makes no sense to me at all. I gotta get a white Fiesta XX. It’s much needed!

I digress. I can also do one-handed binds easily on the Go Big. The Go Big has a smaller gap so it will be a bit more grabby on these than say a ReXtreme, Fiesta XX or Equinox. The gap on the ZRO is HUGE compared to other off-strings, but I think it’s probably one of the best ones I’ve ever played and I can do anything except the open whip bind reliably on it.

I have 3 Fiesta XX’s, and I want to get a couple more Go Bigs as well.

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When you say the zro has a big gap is it more easy to land on the string

No. One you get your basic offstring throw/mount, you’ll be able to throw and land any off-string easily.

The gap is the width between the halves where the bearing lives. The ZRO uses a slightly wider gap, so you need a bit more string to put into the gap when you bind it back. Otherwise, binds feel a bit slippy but you’ll understand it’s YOU and not the response system. You’ll figure this out after 2 throws at most. Open whip binds require better and cleaner technique but are totally possible.

If you want to spend big and get big features, Jet Set EC I feel is a fantastic value. The weight rings on the Jet Set can come loose, so be warned, and forget a glue, as it won’t stick to the delrin.

The RexTreme with it’s wider profile makes catches easier, but I’ve had issues with durability as I had one shatter on me. It feels a bit flimsy though too.

The YYR Aeronaut is good, but it’s smooth to the touch and featureless on the rims. If grinds are important, then skip this. If you don’t give a squat about grinds, then consider this.

Look, you should narrow this down to the Fiesta XX and Go Big. Right price, right tools, right performance and durable as all can be.

looks like go big :slight_smile: