fiesta or go big?

ive been exploring more styles and have to like 4a alot ive been borrowing a friends fiesta and im torn between it and a go big, i like the go big for the rims but does the gap width and bearing size on the go big make a difference in play?
(also the fiesta is garbage or any attempt at a grind either that or i suck)

Both are great competition yoyos and learning yoyos.

The gap in the Go Big is a bit smaller. The bearing doesn’t spin as long, but this yoyo is great on regenerations due to the smaller gap. The smaller gap means snap starts are a bit easierl. The Fiesta XX is a bit larger, spins longer and handles tech work much better but can also regeneratate, just takes more practice.

Both are great.

I enjoy the go big more due to its rubber rims and it feels more confortable in my hand

Most offstring throws, especially poly carbonate ones, aren’t good for grinds. Your best bet if you want to grind it to wear a glove, or get a delrin. Even then though, they’re not particularly good.

It really depends on your style though. Like studio42 said, the fiesta is better for technical tricks, while the go big is better for crazy catches and regens. As far as durability goes, my guess would be the go big would hold up better, but I’ve dropped my fiesta more times than I can count with no ill effects, so that’s not a problem for either.

Go big it’s really good steady and comfortable

The rims are really the biggest issue at this stage, because you are going to be spending a lot of time dropping the yoyo. Since you like rubber rims, you should get a Go Big. As you get better at 4a, you’ll get a chance to try out different yoyos and find one that suits your playstyle.

The rubber rims on the Go Big are better suited for LONG play sessions. I find when playing the Fiesta XX(which I prefer over the Go Big), my hands hurt more from the returns. I can play longer with the Go Big. I still prefer the Fiesta XX.

Can’t go wrong either way though.