Fiesta xx or go big

I’ve heard mixed reviews of people liking the fiesta and people liking the go big so I created this to see which one you enjoy playing more

I have 3 Fiesta XX and 1 Go Big. I want another Go Big for color variety.

Honestly, it depend on my mood. I can go either way.

If we look at things from a beginner perspective, both are models I recommend. Despite being geared for competition, they are both ideal learners too. Both are rugged, durable and affordable.

The GoBig with the tighter gap is easier for whip binds and a few other tricks. The rubber rims can be grippy on drops, but bounces are softened a bit so if you want to do bounce tricks, you gotta give it a good bounce. The rubber rims are a problem in regards to some grinds so wearing a glove is recommended and gets around most of that problem. The rubber rims also make extended play times more comfortable. While a touch smaller in width and diameter than the Fiesta XX, it’s still a fantastic performer.

The Fiesta XX is a bit wider and larger in diameter than the Go Big. The celcon body is rugged and durable, but the rims will take little dings and nicks on drops on hard surfaces that the Go Big won’t have issues with. The problem really comes later on, as those nicks will start to dig at you on your returns. The smooth material grinds fantastic. The celcon, despite being rigid, will take bounces and hits just fine. Bounces can be very predictable and that is a good thing. Whip binds are still great. Siliconing can be a problem as the silicone doesn’t stick too well to the recess in my experience. I am sticking with pads until further notice.

The Go Big’s weight ends up on the outer rim due to the rubber. The Fiesta XX has a but more weight in the center based on its design. Both are very well balanced.

The Go Big uses the narrow bearing. I’ve had mixed results with these bearings. You ideally want the metal caged 10-ball ones, as the plastic ones aren’t as good in my experience. A bearing cleaning is an absolute must. The plastic cages are chemically resistant, at least to acetone and mineral spirits, so clean with your favorite solvent with no fear. The Fiesta XX uses a C bearing but has a deep bearing recess so you only get a tiny bit more gap than the Go Big. I DO NOT recommend anything other than flat bearings for off-string play.

Other than my issue with the Fiesta XX not taking too well to flowable silicone, my other issue with the Fiesta XX is the celcon, only from the perspective of repair. Celcon is very chemically resistant, and with my kid’s Fiesta XX, after taking thousands of drops and abuse, the solid spin axle came loose and it was excessively difficult to repair, but I did manage to repair it using epoxy resin. SuperGlue is NOT going to work.

Which do I play more? Depends on my mood. Both are excellent. If you’re more into tech, Fiesta XX. If you’re out to impress with “big tricks”, the GoBig has a few advantages. The players that these were designed for just have very different styles and the two yoyos are very different. I can grab either and be very content.