Fiesta XX vs. Go Big


Fiesta or go big? Which one is overall a better player?


I’ve heard the fiesta xx is really good, and the go big is more beginner friendly. But idk…




I’d say Go Big. The gap on the Fiesta XX can make binding a bit difficult.


The gap on the Fiesta XX is fine. If you’re having trouble binding, it’s either got worn pads, or more than likely it simply needs a touch more string on the loose side thrown through the gap.

Either are winners.

GoBig: For longer play sessions, the rubber rims can’t be beat. The narrower gap is great for whip binds and regenerations Spin time is a bit reduced, but that’s due to the bearing itself, so ensure you got a nice all-steel 10-ball half-spec YYJ bearing, it makes a massive difference. The rubber rims feel nice returning in your hands and controls the bounces nicely, but sucks for grinds, so use a glove and the problem is resolved.

The Fiesta XX is durable, a bit bigger, longer spinning but does have a wider gap. I do not recommend a string centering bearing on this yoyo and I also recommend pre-made pads for replacements(siliconing did not last long, off-strings can be very hard on responses as we ask a lot from the response pad). The rims will take massive amounts of damage, which can be hard on your hands over time as the nicks and scratches add up, making the experience not so pleasant. Good bounce. Grinds are easy on this yoyo. I find no issues with whip binds on this yoyo, but they are a touch easier on the GoBig. Regens aren’t a problem either, but they are are a tiny bit easier on the GoBig.

Both are average sized 4A throws. Both I find to be excellent to start with and compete with and everything in between.

They are simply put, different. Better is a relative term. I personally like the Fiesta XX better, but I also have a GoBig, and I plan to get a second of each.


I’m just speaking from my experience. Out of the box, it seemed harder to bind the Fiesta XX than other offstrings I’d tried.


Would a thicker string help with the fiesta’s binds?


I never had a problem binding the Fiesta XX.

It can. It may also help with various whips too. I’m using Type X right now, but even the thinner YYE 100% poly bulk never gave me issue. Actually, the only issue I had with the YYE string is that I wish it would last longer. I am just too lazy to change my strings as often! Other than that, I have really no issue with binds, the YYE stuff works just as good as anything else as far as that’s concerned.