go big or fiesta xx

I am going to buy a 4a yoyo.I heard both are really great and I cant make decision.
Which spins longer for more technical tricks??
I also heard that go big is too responsive because of its small gap,can I use a large size c bearing for it??

fiesta xx spins longer and is better for technical tricks.
go big is better for conde’s style of play. Which while he does do some pretty crazy technical tricks, a lot of his stuff is crazy catches and returns.

Thanks,I also want to know if I can use a thin size c bearing in the fiesta xx and do the crazy catches and returns like conde does with his go big.
One more thing,is it possible to do thumb grind with fiesta xx??

The Fiesta XX comes with a YYJ Speed bearing, a full width Size C bearing. If you use a thin bearing, your gap is going to be very, VERY tight and the yoyo is gonna come back at you a lot. Anything you can do with the Fiesta XX, you can do with the Go Big, and vice versa. It’s a preference thing, coupled with skill and ability and LOTS and LOTS of practice!

Yes, you can thumb grind with the Fiesta XX but yo have to do it next to the cap. The rims don’t have that lip on it so you’d slide right off.