fiesta xx or c3 speedaholic?? help!

I can’t decide wether to get a fiesta xx and get into offstring, or try the new c3 speedaholic. I really wanna try offstring… but the speedaholic looks awesome!

getta gobig if youre gonna do offstring, which i highly suggest. The speedaholic isnt goin anywhere and its super inexpensive so get the gobig.


Get the Fiesta XX. It’s a touch wider and better for tech tricks and a hair easier to catch than the Go Big. The full sized C bearing allows for better spin times as the Go Big bearings can be inconsistent. The full metal cage N sized bearings are the best.

The down-sides of the Fiesta XX:
After thousands upon thousands of drops, my kid’s Fiesta XX Solid Spin axle came loose. I got lucky as epoxy resin is holding it in place.
The rims will take damage, which means they will become rough on the hands on catches with all the nicks and scratches.

The GoBig’s rubber rims add weight out there and make for softer returns on longer sessions.

Both the Go Big and Fiesta XX are excellent. I prefer the Fiesta XX.

Don’t sweat the Speedaholic for now. They are inexpensive and are gonna be around in big numbers.

Get the Fiesta, it is way tougher and spins longer. Also it’s much easier to catch, doesn’t snag as often, and bounces better, giving you a better chance to catch it.

go big…meh…mine broke depressingly quick and when I emailed yyj they didn’t help much. On the other hand I have played my fiesta over concrete a ton and it is perfectly fine. If go big had not broken on me I would suggest it, but it did and I have heard stories of the same thing happening with other go bigs. I would side with the fiesta if you are going to go offstring (which really is a lot of fun)