Starting 4a

I’m thinking of starting 4a. I have tried it once, with a Henrys Cobra. I want a new 4a yoyo that can take me very far, that I can practice and maybe use in competition sometime. I would really rather not spend over… $50 maximum… I’m really between the GoBig and Fiesta XX.

Any suggestions and/or comparisons between the two is greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

I hear the fiesta is more advanced, kinda. The go big is not gonna get hurt at all, but the fiesta can get chipped it something…

Ignore stuff about “advanced” and “beginner”. What you want is “quality” and “durable”

Fortunately, the Fiesta XX and GoBig meet all the necessary criteria: Durable, quality made, good for beginners but designed for competition. The GoBig has rubber rims, so it has less bounce, more “grip” and is softer on returns to the hand, but the rubber can make the yoyo take-off on a bounce when it goes rolling! Grinds will need a glove to reduce friction since the rubber rims get in the way for some grinds.

The Fiesta XX is a bit bigger than the Go Big in width and diameter, and I think a touch heavier too. The rims will take a ton of abuse as well. This one bounces better and can grind better, at least as far as finger and arm/hand grinds go. The GoBig is better for thumb-type grinds.

The GoBig is a bit better on one-handed whip binds and regens, but the Fiesta XX can do those too, you just need a bit more practice. The Fiesta XX seems more tech trick oriented, while the GoBig seems more for flashy play and “big tricks”. The Fiesta XX uses a wider gap since it uses a YYJ Speed bearing, but the seats are kinda “back” in the body so you get a responsive-type gap width. The GoBig uses a narrow C bearing and a slightly narrower gap.

I could honestly go either way. I do enjoy both of these yoyos a lot and have no issue recommending either to anyone.

I’d go with the go Big the ribber rims just makes it feel safer for you and the yoyo

I feel like the Go Big is more ideal for beginners.

get a go big, they are just amazing and are really good at grinds too.

If you are willing to spend 7 bucks more rextremes are the best you can get in my opinion

Actually, for not even a dollar more(well, $7 with the shipping), the RexTremes are nice, but I have an issue with their durability in certain situations. I just broke one, and then immediately ordered a RexTreme 2 from YYE. My RexTreme hit a Lego not on the edge of the rim(like half an inch in) and it busted up the yoyo:

Had I cleared the area, or rather, had my kids cleaned the room like they were supposed to… Oh well, what happened happened. They aren’t really fragile, but they do have weaknesses! The Fiesta XX and GoBig can take far more abuse.

Honestly, I am very pleased with the RexTreme. The wide design is easy for catches. The shape makes sure the string goes right to the center. Good weight, fantastic spin times. The wide shape also helps learn orbits and other stuff. Whips and binds are a breeze. The rings are good for grinds too. The caps on the 2 version support lateral caps. If one wanted to spend $50.15 for an off-string to get started, this probably would be a fairly ideal way to go about it.

My only recommendation against the RexTreme is the price for a beginner. A Fiesta XX or GoBig will get you anywhere you need to be for getting started and beyond. Get some basics down, then look to try other stuff. I like people to try to get in for a low cost. While the Fiesta XX is the lower priced yoyo, the GoBig is still reasonably priced for a beginner. I just feel anything more expensive than the GoBig would be too much for getting started. I also feel the Big Yo is too large and slow for getting started. It’s a good one to have, but not one I go for.

I would actually go with either a big yo or an equinox. I like the big yo since it’s really good for both beginners and experts plus it has a nice and easy catch zone. I like the equinox because it’s built somewhat like the rextreme but smaller and more durable. However if you’re just looking for either the go big or the fiesta XX then the go big is built to handle a bit harder tricks while the fiesta XX is built to handle more technical tricks.