offstring yoyos?

so, i am maybe going to start doing offstring. i have just used my first ever yoyo, the cobra from henry’s so far, so i wonder what you would recomend. i can do some of tha basics, but i am not verry good. enny tips would be helpfull! :slight_smile:

Okay, so…

You’re looking to see what would be a good offstring yoyo?

I suggest the Fiesta xx, it’s really good, and even better, it’s not pricey.

Also, the Shinwoo pro-wing is awesome for the price. Just incredible.

Ok. So the fiesta is best for starting to learn?

It is a very good yoyo to learn offstring on.

Ok. Thanks! Then i’ll try it when i get some money :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope you have fun with it!

I would also recommend the big yo. Nice and big, bounces, über durable, and pretty fun.

Ok. I’ll check that out as well.

My recommendations:(as I said in a post last night asking the same thing)

Note: All are considered competition quality. I agree.

Cheap: Shinwoo Griffing Wing. A bearing, all catch zone. Rugged, reliable, great stuff.

Like to tweak? Hayabusa with the new Duncan off-string mod spacers. You will need to tune it a but. Wonderful performer with this easy to do mod. The price is higher than this with the mod spacers:

Ideal item: Fiesta XX. Tough, balanced, wins championships. Fantastic to learn on as well. Kinda the DM2 of the off-string world in many aspects. My current production favorite.

Not sure? Big Yo. Big, bouncy and durable, works better after the bearing is cleaned and the response siliconed. in my opinion.

Rubber Rims: Go Big.

Best bang for the buck is the Fiesta XX in my opinion.

The Flying Panda is a bit small for my preferences, but is better with the mod spacers for off-strings. You’ll again need to tune the axle to find the best placement. Worth the time. These can be had for cheap if you can get lucky.

I was able to pick up a Flying Panda for 5 bucks on sale at a sporting good store, I’m just starting offstring and can’t do much, but how does the Panda perform once the spacers are added? Tuned correctly will it perform up there with the hayabusa and these others?

I got the two I have for like $7 each. Got one for my kid too. Yes, he’s throwing it as an off-string!

No, it won’t perform up there with the Hayabusa, but it has a larger catch zone so it does perform much better than stock. It becomes easier to catch, and you do have to do the tuning thing. I have one I keep stock, and the other I did the mod to. The Flying Panda for me did have more vibe when I installed the mod spacers, so I found where to place the axle with the least amount of vibe. Your results may vary. Plus, the friction sticker in the Panda sucks and wears out fast. The mod spacers will remove your need for a response pad, making your yoyo darn near zero maintenance!

I had the Shinwoo lighting kit in my Hayabusa but they were loose inside. They made the yoyo wobble, even worse with the mod spacers in there. I bet if I secured them down, I wouldn’t have any issues.

It’s a lot of fun. I still prefer the much larger Fiesta XX though.