Looking for my first Offstring YoYo

Hi Gang,

I’m looking to pick up an offstring yoyo to have fun with. Money isn’t really an issue. (Not looking to spend over 100.00 but most look to be in the 20.00 to 50.00 range anyway.) I don’t really like the look of the Fiesta (seems to plain and bulky even though I know you want them to be bigger to make it easier to catch) If I were to buy based on my inexperience and not really knowing anything, I would say I’m leaning towards the equinox by YoYoJam but again, I know very little and wouldn’t mind some education! :slight_smile: Thanks!

I think you should get the Shinwoo Griffin Wing. It is easy to catch on the string smooth and has good binds.

Here’s my thoughts:

I bought a Big You for the purposes of starting to learn off-string, and a Fiesta XX for actual off-string play. I’m a ways from wanting to venture into 4A, but the time will come. I want the stuff ready when I am. At under $23 each, these are proven performers and at fantastic prices. I mean, if the guy who designed the Fiesta XX is winning national titles with a $22.50 yoyo, well, that’s good enough for me.

I also recently picked up an Aquarius for super cheap on BST, which will also be used to learn 4A. Price was close to(with shipping) that paid for the Fiesta XX, but less. I won’t say how much less, that’s between myself and the seller.

However, my thoughts are to start cheap. You’re gonna beat this yoyo up from dropping and what not, so might as well start on the cheap side. I’m not going to recommend for or against the Griffin Wing, but the price tag makes it easier to not mind so much that it’s getting beat up, so there’s a valid consideration. But, to step up to better items, such as the Fiesta XX, I really wouldn’t spend more than that YET. Wait until you learn 4A and get some time into it, then upgrade to whatever you want. That’s what I’d do.

Quick prices:
YYJ Equinox: $44.20
YYJ Fiesta XX: $22.50
YYJ Big Yo: $22.50
Shinwoo Griffin Wing: $15

You’re gonna beat it up to start with(not intentionally), so think low costs. If you like it, then spend more later when you get some skills in that style. Since I know I have a hard time grasping this stuff, the Big Yo just makes sense, plus I have other uses for it as well. But, if I was better, I’d have skipped the Big Yo entirely and just saved the money and only purchased the Fiesta XX. So, I’m suggesting you narrow your choices to the Fiesta XX or the Shinwoo Griffin. If you enjoy 4A, you can stick with whatever you purchase or get an Equinox or something else.

Oh, and practice over carpet or on the grass so the won’t roll so far away. This is a style best leaned outdoors on a soft surface or where there are high ceilings and soft floors if indoors.

I think you should get the Fiesta XX,I heard it is really durable, big (so easy to catch it), and it can take you from beginer to master

big ben

I think I just didn’t like the fact that the fiesta was so big and plain looking. I’m a fan of Brian F and met him at World’s 2010 and was very kind and fun to chat with. I’m very shocked that you all mentioned the Griffin. The reason why is that I received a pink one for my wife at worlds. She saw 4a and said that would be the one thing she could see her self getting into. (never happened haha) It has been lost for the past year I think and I found it just a couple of days ago…however the bearing is missing out of it. I threw a C bearing on it, but it doesn’t look like it is supposed to go on there. Does anyone know what size bearing they take? I may just hang on to that as my practice one…(probably won’t want to take a pink yoyo out in public to throw around) I get ragged enough with my purple 888 with pink and purple string haha. The Griffin is about the size I liked though. Thanks for your help and any additional thoughts would be awesome.

I know that you said the fiesta xx is too big and plain looking for you. That was going to be my first suggestion. You might want to reconsider because the fiesta xx is perfectly sized for learning catches and not quite as big as some of the other prominent offstring yoyos. The colors look alittle different in person too, I also like plain/simple yoyo colorways too so I am very pleased with my fiesta xx. I learned 4a on a yomega exodus so virtually any yoyo can be used for venturing into the world of offstring but I would definitely recommend the fiesta xx. It can take you to expert level in the long run. If you are dead set against it, then I would suggest looking at Duncan’s offstring yoyos for price and performance. Hope this helps!

What are Duncan’s off strings?

The Duncan Hayabusa is their off-string offering.

According to YoYoExpert, it’s a Size A bearing, so go order a Terrapin X Chrome bearing, A-sized, and go have some fun.

^^Go terrapin

I’ve tried several offstring throws and the original Fiesta is by far my favorite. If you can get past how it looks then I’d definitely consider it. If you’re just completely against getting the Fiesta then find yourself an Aquarius or Griffon Wing. I personally stay away from the BigYo.

It takes an A sized bearing.

Yeah, I just noticed the A size as well. Didn’t know YYE sold them. By the time I buy an A bearing (YYF had them for 9.95) I might as well buy a new yoyo as the griffin is only 15.00. I lost one of the caps to the griffin so I’m missing a cap and a bearing. So, my thoughts are I can use the pink one as a frisbee and chew toy for my 10month old who is teething and just buy a new one :wink:

I just bought a Terrapin for my 5a Destiny.

You can get the Duncan Bearing and Parts kit $4

Who needs that?  Just wondering…

He said that the yyf bearings were too much so i said that he could get the duncan bearing and parts kit because it is cheaper than $9.95

It doesn’t say though if it is the right size bearing that I need though. I guess I need an A size bearing.

I am pretty sure it is an A sized.