Offstring Yo-Yo Purchase Advice?

I am shopping for a 4A yoyo and have been looking at the Shinwoo Griffin Wing, YoYoJam Fiesta XX, YoYoJam Big Yo, and the Duncan Hayabusa. I am looking to spend under $23, and I’m pretty much just starting. Also, I am open to suggestions, as long as it’s not the Xodus II, which I have and am selling. I also want a pretty durable yo-yo that bounces (I don’t really care about bouncing much though). HELP!

P.S. This is off topic but for 1A do you think the Kickside or the Asteroid performs better? Thanks.

I have a Fiesta XX and I love it for 4A. I only have one 4A yoyo so I don’t know too much about different ones but I think it’s a great beginner yoyo for a 4A player. It’s also VERY durable. I would definently recommend it.

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I have a fair amount of off-strings, which include all the models you mentioned.

My favorite of those is the Fiesta XX. Durable, somewhat bouncy, big catch zone, nice on the binds. Plus it’s way inexpensive and used by the guy who made it, who wins championships with it.

Of topic: Haven’t played the Ooch. I have two Asteroids!

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Yeah I ruled out the Ooch and am now looking at the Kickside. Is there a pad you can put in to make the Kickside unresponsive? Otherwise, I’ll probably get the Asteroid.

What do you think of the Griffin Wing compared to the Fiesta XX? Those are what I’ve narrowed it down to.

I have a griffin wing and i really like it. I also own a Fiesta XX and i dont personally think its as good as people say. Ive never been into it. IMO i think it would be better to invest into a better offstring throw if your seriously interested in learning. Any of the delrin offstring yoyos will tremendously outplay any of the polycarbonate cheaper 4a yoyos. I say look for a Solar, Flanger, windforce, milkshake on the BST for a cheaper price and it will make a difference.

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