Moving into 4a....

So i have been doing a little 4a lately with my kickside and i have gotten pretty good and want an offstring yo-yo to continue with. I have looked at many and need a little help deciding. So here it goes I like what i have heard about the Fiesta I think it will be a good choice. Also I looked at the Hayabusa and i am no too fond of the friction stickers, the Big Yo looks a little too big for me. So what do you think?

I don’t really know much about 4A yoyos nor have I tried any of them, but just a suggestion. You might consider the Shinwoo Griffing Wing. Yeah, I don’t know much as far as 4A goes, but just throwing that out there. :wink:

I say the Fiesta

All of those are great choices. I used to have a Bigyo, but it was rather large and felt somewhat light to me. I tried the Fiesta out and I think that’s been my favorite so far. The Hayabusa was also great, but like you said, stickers stink. Never tried the Griffin Wing, but I’ve heard great things about it. The choice is up to you though.

The Fiesta is AWESOME