Offstring yoyo

I am starting offstring and i have been using a freehand2 I want something big and can be beginner to advanced


Try a Shinwoo Griffin Wing. I believe they are the least expensive yoyo designed for offstring on the market today. IMO, they are greatly underated and don’t get much attention. I have heard they do have some problems with breaking, but I haven’t had any problems at all with mine. I’ve only had it for barely a day though. :stuck_out_tongue: A Duncan Hayabusa is also an excellent choice for someone wanting to advance in offstring. Hope this helped. :slight_smile:

Thanks for repleying so fast and I want something really durabule and doesn’t role to far away my limit is 25$

I think the Bigyo would be a good choice. Good price, durable, and big catch space.

pick the bigyo im competing with it and i luv it

Wat about fiesta