Best begginers offstring yoyo

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What is the best beginners offstring yoyo? Preferrabley 20 dollars or less.


Shinwoo Griffin Wing

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Ok, i was thinking about getting that one ;D thanks.


Well, that’s really the only choice you’re going to have for your budget limits.

If you can step up to $22.50, there’s the Big Yo or the Fiesta XX. If you can double your budget, then the Go Big becomes an option.

If you want the best beginner option, I’m thinking the Big Yo is the easiest catch since it’s just giant! See my Forum Expert profile picture:

I’m holding a DM2, my friend there is holding a Big Yo. It’s not perfect, but it gives you a sense of perspective on sizes. I recommend the Big Yo. I also have a Fiesta XX, and a used Aquarius as well. I’m also planning a Go Big in the near future. Variety is good for 4A as well as in other styles as well. You may wish to consider BST for finding a nice used 4A throw.

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Is the big yo kinda akward to throw?


Its easy to get used to, and its really a good weight and comfy. Its really hard for some more complicated 4a tricks like lumberjack, but its great for a beginner learning the basics, and its easy to do a whip.


And its fun to paint.