What is a good offstring yoyo?


I just met Michael Nakamura and want to start offstring. What would be a good offstring for beginners but will also be really good for advanced under $30?


Go Big from yoyojam


Well it matters what you want. Just don’t get the big yo from yoyojam. I don’t really like yoyojam offstring yo-yos but you are a beginner so most of those are fine. also consider other companies.

You might like the shinwoo griffin one of the most underrated offstring yoyos ever and it’s only $15 so you can buy more than one if it brakes and trust me offstring yoyos will eventually break I’ve already broke 3 and each cost $40.

good luck.



Why set your barrier at $30? You can really good 4A yo-yos for just a little more. Duncan Skyhawk is like $40. Gravity is something like $50. Jetset EC is $60 or so. Rextreme 2 is like $50.

I tried learning 4A on a Big Yo and never even mastered the throw because the thing was so dang awkward and had such terrible spin times. Once I bought a Gravity I got a lot better. It’s a great choice for a beginner and won’t hinder you long term. I think the Rextreme 2 is a great choice for a beginner also. I have a Rextreme 3 which is same shape but it’s quite a bit heavier and it’s really easy to land stuff but rather slow. Jetset EC is a little more narrow than these two so learning initially would be a bit harder but I hear it’s top-notch for smoothness and gets great spintimes, does regens really well, etc…

I don’t know much about the Skyhawk but it looks like a poor man’s Another Eagle + S. It’s probably a good yo-yo. I’m not a huge Duncan fan…


Thanks. I was actually looking into the griffin or the re-extreme2


Get a Gravity for reasons stated above plus it can get you through advanced play in the future.


Or get the adgle deneb.



Deneb is pretty narrow at 53 mm. I wouldn’t recommend that for a beginner at all.


Fiesta XX is a great offstring for pros and beginners. It comes at an amazing price for the performance and yoyojam has the most 4a major championships I don’t think one can argue against that.

Also, it has a moustache on it.


Number of championships a company has doesn’t really mean much. YoyoJam sponsors a lot of good players. Also 4A players need like 6+ yo-yos just to perform so this favors cheap yo-yos. The best 4A yoyos are probably higher end like JT Eagle Eye or Ultimate Eagle but few players can afford these on their own, leaving just the sponsored players.

You can’t read too much into which company or yoyo has the most championships due to sponsorship bias.


The best for under $30 is probably the Fiesta XX:

If you can afford to spend a little bit more then here is a few other options that are really good(under $40)

Yoyorecreation Aeronaut:

Japan Tech Ashiru Kamui Light:

YoYoJam Go Big:


I’d get either of these if you want to stick with YYE. Each is 50. The extra is worth it.



Get a flying panda if you can find one


The aeronaut is the best $40 offstring yoyo I have ever played with. not to great for beginners.