Recommend me a 4a Yoyo.

Hey guys.

im looking for a 4a yoyo. Most i’d like to spend is $40.
im thinking of the Go Big or Fiesta XX but it seems like there are barely any 4a yoyo out there.

i am a beginner at 4a, but i’ve been yoyo’ing for a while. so im sure i can learn the basic 4a quickly.

i want a yoyo that spins free with snappy binds but wont accidently snap back during mid-trick. one that will spin good and is forgivable. small but not too small, because i have small hands.

Any recommendations?
or tell me a list of 4a yoyos out there. i only know of the expensive ones $70+ and the YYJ yoyos. thats it.

I have a Fiesta XX and that’s the only one I’ve used, but I’ve heard that the Go Big is a little snaggier, so I guess that’s out. For small, maybe a Habyusa or Flying panda would work.

I’m a beginner and I have a Tiger Snake, it is pretty good, I just really suck at 4a…

Fiesta XX is much less responsive. It was developed for string tricks and is perfect for them. Go big is slightly more responsive, but perfectly capable of string tricks.
Fiesta can not be brought back with a open string whip(just whipping the yoyo with a single string), while a Go big can. Fiesta XX has more bounce, go big is better for grinds, especially thumb grinds.

While they are both great, overall i personally like Go big much more. It can perform a much wider range of tricks. Also snapping back is not really a danger unless you do something wrong. In this case even the fiesta xx might snap back. Also go big is slightly smaller than fiesta xx