Beginner yoyo for a 4A newbie

After watching Ben Conde’s tutorials, i decided to give 4A a shot. Which 4A yoyo should i buy ?

Well ben conde uses a go big by yoyojam which has big rubber rims that most people like but i feel it somewhat lacks in size. the fiesta xx is bigger and is made of a nice durable plastic. you cna get amazing spins out of it. i would reccommend the fiesta xx.

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I have both. They are designed for different styles of 4A play but otherwise both are excellent.

My choice? The Fiesta XX. The bigger size works better for me. I don’t have a lot to base 4A on, but I do have a bunch of 4A throws. I have 4 Aquarius in various conditions, but all work. I have a Free Agent, which supposedly replaced the Aquarius and came back and replaced the Free Agent. The Go Big is nice. The Fiesta XX is my choice. The Big Yo is fun. The Yomega Xodus is too small. I also have a Pocket Change with off-string rims and a Shinwoo Griffin Wing. lastly, I have a Duncan Hayabusa, clear, with Shinwoo LED lighting kit. This is too squashy for my preferences.

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I had this same question a while back and ended up going with the fiesta xx. I can tell you from experience that it is a great throw. I have also heard good things about the GoBig but i don’t have it so I cannot tell you anything about it. But seriously its all about what you think or know you like. Go with your gut.

What’s ur budget? otherwise, the fiesta xx is awesome for 4A

budget should not be a problem for me ;D
i think i’ll get a fiesta xx, thanks guys ;D

ur welcome. Now decide what COLOR!I have a blue one . . . haha

I have the blue one. It totally rocks!

Well, I go for blue whenever I can.