First 4A yoyo


I have been using the Shinwoo Phantom for 4a all day today and I like 4a a lot.

But it’s way too small and I would like a new 4a yoyo


Good luck getting an Aquarius. Used, perhaps, but even so, I think you’ll want something a bit more modern.

The GoBig or the Fiesta XX are what you want. The Go Big is a little nicer on longer play sessions with the rubber rims. The Fiesta XX is longer spinning, a bit bigger and super durable as well. The only issue I have with the Fiesta XX is if the rims take damage, they can scratch you on returns a bit so it becomes a little less friendly. Also, my son’s Fiesta XX, after thousands upon thousands of drops, finally had issue with the solid spin axle on one half getting loose. I think it may have gotten crushed on a trip, which may have caused that. Fiesta XX’s are so affordable that I don’t worry about it. I’m getting him a second one, and a second for myself. He’s doing fine with a Go Big for now.

The Big Yo is too big and too slow in my opinion. The Hayabusa is too small for my preferences but it’s a little better with Duncan Off-string mod spacers, but still too small.


Yeah Ok.

I’m either getting a Fiesta XX or a Zeekio Bird because the Zeekio bird is an exact rip off of the aquarius


I don’t want to get into the whole “bootleg/rip-off” thing, but I think you will be a LOT happier with the Fiesta XX and/or the Go Big. If the Bird is more of a rip-off of the Go Big, then it might be a better option.

I have 7 of the Aquarius. I really like them, but the small bearing is kind of limiting for today’s style of play. I mostly collect those because, well, I do like to play them but also because I really do enjoy them. However, there’s other stuff I would choose to use if I were to compete. I don’t compete though.

Right now I’m trying to master the one-handed whip bind, which I can do nicely on the Fiesta XX, Go Big, ReXtreme and Ashira Kamiu(and light) and others(including the Aquarius). The Jet Set is giving me grief, but the Jest Set EC is no problem! Go figure! I’m wondering if I’m losing the yoyo i the air due to the Jet Set being white? I’m planning to get a ZRO soon. I’ve got some leads in place to get some goodies “at cost” and that’s one I want.

(kclejeune) #5

John Narum won worlds with an Aquarius, and I still have some. It is a bit old, but it’s still really really good.


The Bird is a lot lighter than the Aquarius. Also, I have a Big Yo if you want it.


Bring it to Ohio States with you on Saturday.

I can give you a YYJ Classic for it I suppose.


I have one of the ones he won a major contest with.

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Yeah me too! I think I have like 3… One is a green sparkle :slight_smile: