Starting 4a

got bored of 1a a bit wanted something new so i need a yoyo for 4a since 1a yoyos obviously dont work. So i was wondering which one should i get the griffin wing or the hayabusa?

YYJ Go Big

I would go with the go big or fiesta xx. They are both very good for beginners and advanced play. They are not too expensive as well so those would be my suggestions.

I have the Hayabusa and the Griffin Wing. Of the two, it’s mixed. The Hayabusa is more durable and I say that because the Griffin Wing Caps will pop out if the yoyo hits a hard surface after maybe the 10th drop. The Griffin Wing, I like the shape better though.

I also have the following 4A throws:
Fiesta XX, GoBig, Big Yo and an Aquarius I bought used, and lastly a Yomega Xodus II that my kid took apart and lost a spacer(new spacer on the way right now, kid went through a phase of taking every yoyo I had apart,throwing them to watch them explode and then losing parts and putting the yoyo away as if nothing happened).

The Hayabusa I find has too much diameter and not enough width, so it’s kinda of what I call “squashy” in appearance. Looks like a big fat 1A throw that needs a gastric bypass. The Griffin Wing is a better shape in my opinion, but the popping caps is annoying. The Aquarius is an ideal learner and I bought it for that reason. The Xodus II is just not wide enough.

Now we’re down to the more serious stuff. The Big Yo is fun, a good performer and easy to catch. You might end up removing one or both rings and siliconing it. The Fiesta XX is my favorite. It ships with the YYJ speed bearing and has a slightly wider gap which gives you more spin time and the ability for more technical stuff on a single throw. The Go Big has rubber rims, is also way fun, and ships with a YYJ slim bearing. I like all three. To narrow it down, I’d drop the Big Yo off the list. Now we’re down to the Fiesta XX and the Go Big. The Go Big is better for IRG-type stuff, while I feel the Fiesta XX is not only more well rounded, I find it to be the better off-string for me personally.

So, with that in mind, it comes down to rubber rings at higher price OR rugged celcon with lower price and longer spin times. Both are gonna be not only ideal learners, but good competition performers. I recommend the Fiesta XX, again, based on my preferences.

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thanks given me something to think about :smiley: