4a Suggestions

Hey you guys, I’m just getting into 4a and have been using a PGM because it’s slightly oversized. Any suggestions on a real 4a yoyo?

I use a YYJ Big Ben. Also, many people like the YYJ Fiesta. :slight_smile:

YYJ Fiesta, YYJ Big Ben, Duncan Hayabusa, Duncan Hayabusa SL, Duncan Flying Panda, and YYJ Big Yo are all great 4a yoyos.
The flying panda is my favorite ;D

The Shinwoo Griffin Wing. Hands down one of the most underrated 4A throws out there. If not that, I would go w/ the Duncan Hayabusa SL or YYJ Fiesta. Both are great throws.

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1st fiesta

2nd hayabusa Sl with metal fhz weight rings

3rd big yo

I like the Fiesta.

i use a bigyo, but i really want to try the fiesta.

Griffin Wings are the best IMHO. After that comes the fiesta, but griffin wings are cheaper, so id go with that!

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what about the snag problem on GrifWings?

Never had a snag problem

About that…I overtightened mine at MWR out of nervousness…

i use a fiesta which is pretty good. i have a hayabusa sl. its a pretty good begginer exept the fact there really easy to overtighten IMO, but they are good cause of the rubber rims. the only downside to that is that it rolls away from you like 10 feet. never really tried a griffin wing but the fiesta is beast. also if your gonna buy a hayabusa sl i have one for sale if your interested


Aquarius (spelling)

The only problem with the Aquarius is its not the easiest throw to get your hands on. Also, if you compare it to pix of the Griffin Wing, they are almost the same. As far as bang for your buck, the Griffin Wing takes the crown. Plus it can take a beating. I’ve slammed mine into the ground, the walls, you name it, I’ve slammed it into it, and all it has is a few scuffs. Its a great throw for only $15.

You ever have one of those days where you miss your non throw hand and your 4A throw ends up in your neighbors yard. Yeah that’s why they’re made tough. Aquarius is hard to get a hold of? Did YYJ stop making them.

yeah, they were discontinued

Yes they were discontinued because of the cost of materials was to high to make them. You could get a fiesta though.

Griffin wing is my personal fave, it has great spin and stability in my playing experience and has the perfect landing angle for me. If you can’t get your hands on a GW i would go for Fiesta or Hayabusa SL. Both of the latter have great play features and are overall good throws. But in the end it’s really your choice as to which yoyo to buy.

the fiesta is really durable too. ive thrown it up all the way till it touched my ceiling missed my catch and it landed on a wood floor, not a scuff or ding. some other guy on the forums said he did the same thing exept it hit a brick slab in front of his fire place and it didnt do anything.