What is currently the best 4A yoyo?

Hey All, what is currently the best 4A yoyo. I have a Hyabusa SL and a Henry’s Viper Neo. Both are great, but a little on the small side. I’ve been looking at the Equinox, the ReXtreme, and the Griffin Wing by Shinwoo. Are these all good, or would you recommend something else?

They are all great throws for 4A. I have the Griffin Wing and in my opinion it has the most best bang for your buck.

Thanks for the input! I’m gonna give it a try! For $15, I guess you really can’t go wrong.

Yes, it’s cool but still the other yoyo’s such as Equinox an Reextreme is “kind of” better. Not that they are better over Girffin Wing, they perform ALMOST the same but an Equinox and others may be an uprgade to GrifinnWing. Also consider Fiesta, a cheap all round off string yoyo that could be recomendewd by anyone.

for 15 bucks the griffin wing is amazing

equinox is 45 bucks which is a little expensive so i would go for the griffin wing its cheap and a great player

I own both a Fiesta and now my second Griffin Wing. Both are fantastic players, but IMO the Griffin Wing is just a little bit better. One downfall of the Griffin Wing is that, at least in my experiences with it, it will break somewhat easy. I had one for about a week of using it alot and the area on the side where the axle sits cracked. Just thought I’d let you know about that. :slight_smile:

There’s also a video onn youtube saying that Fiesta is pretty durable. NOTE: TOO FUNNY


the fiesta is really really durable

The equinox and rextreme are more attractive looking, IMO, but since they cost 3x as much as a griffin wing, are they really 3x better? I’m guessing not. I’m just gonna give the griffin wing a try, I’m a sucker for cheap throws. I was just waiting for the Loop 900s to come out to place my order.