equinox or rextreme as an offstring yoyo

which one has longer sleep times? which is more durable? which has stronger binds?


Is this going to be your first 4A throw? If so I would suggest either the Griffin Wing (1st choice), Hayabusa, or Fiesta for a first 4A throw. As for the 2 you have listed I’ve heard good things about the Equinox but nothing yet on the Rextreme.

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i have the fiesta and can do a lot of tricks i want a long sleeping one so i can make a off string freestyle

its so hard to choose because i want one that bounces but i hear the equinox breaks easily?

the best in the nation and some of the best in the world use the fiesta.
what I mean by that is practice more and that fiesta will take you were you need to go

that is very true but i want one of those two yoyos

Didn’t say that to stop you from buying. I just don’t want you to think that the yoyo will make you better.

i would like to put in a good word for the fiesta as well. i love mine so much. its my first 4a throw, and can handle everything. and it only costs half of what the equinox or rextreme cost, so that is another good thing in its favor.

thanks for the help but i also want one that wil bounce high and the fiesta is amazing i love it as well but wont bounce and i want to add more yoyos to my collection

i am looking for opnions

Then go for the Equinox.

thanks and what is the problem about the durability ive been hearing about

i hear the shells on the equinox are not durable do you know anything about that

they both break and the feista and the reXtreme are very different seems like the rextreme want to slip off the string alot and you have to get used to a new throw so i recommend it but be aware they both break and the rextreme is the one i choose for you

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I heard that the play of equinox is like the fiesta, but the reXtreme is different, so if you want a yoyo that plays like fiesta buy the equinox, but if you want a different play buy the reXtreme

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thanks and by slipping off the string does that meam it doesnt have kickback and does the rextreme bounce like the equinox i heard it did

the reXtreme is like you have to work in the responce ok just to tell you it plays very well to me yesterday i was using it in the snow and it is great for whips

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is it huge and how does it bounce

good just work in the responce before you do it tends to snag when therew is new responce in it

im planning if i chose it to put in k pads that have tighter binds