YYJ Equinox VS. YYJ ReExtreme

Please ONLY recommend these offstrings! I have gotten quite good at offstring in 2013, and Id like to get a new good one out of these two! Thanks! Just say which one you think is better!


Hmm would you prefer something big
Or something small? That’s the main barrier

I don’t care about size, I care about spin an play. So which one plays better?

They both play well. Equinox is faster and less stable
Rex is a tad slower a LOT bigger. Like huge
and is more stable.

The spin quality is similar
Honestly I’d invest on a delrin off string rather than a Bimetal

The Extreme is wide and good spin time.

The equinox is super bouncy. Cheaper and not as wide.

Go on this site to the offstring types video on Ben Condes tutorials and he will explain what each one does.

I’m leaning towards the RExtreme



Stop bumping that is so annoying.

Go for the Equinox IMO, and if you like it upgrade later.

The ReXtreme felt very cheesy to me and I have herd from many sources that it cracks VERY easily. I know you said not to suggest others but in all honesty the Fiesta XX plays better then any offstring I have ever thrown. Cheaper too.

I recently bought a ReXtreme. It was an impulse buy. I was buying a HH3 at the time and just felt like splurging. I figured the shape, being wider than my regular off-strings, would be ideal for helping me learn orbits. At the moment, I’m feeling lazy and I’m not working on orbits. I have to say I’m pleased with it. A friend has an older ReXtreme and that plastic is very rigid. Mine is more bouncy.

If we stick with YYJ, I have to say I do like the Fiesta XX and Go Big more. Of those two, I really prefer the Fiesta XX. However, the GoBig ain’t no slacker either. Really, if you want to get started in 4A, these are the two to start with. Either is fine, it’s all about preferences. I find them easier to learn on than the Big Yo. I do have a Big Yo, which I enjoy, but it’s really not the best weighted yoyo for 4A. It seems to need a bit more center mass and a bit more in the outer area.

Well another factor to consider, do you do Regens tech or orbits?

I have an Big Ben and fiesta XX. I’m getting the go big.

Nice choice.

I wonder why this thread said to mention the following and he ends up picking either.

Still, the Go Big is a GREAT choice!

That’s how we work around here. We ignore whatever the OP says, then confuse them, then make them buy what we want them to buy!

Heck, happened to me. I was looking for a wood yoyo, was leaning towards one model, ended up picking up two different models, and will pick up two different ones later.

Now, just to annoy people, I’m gonna play with my Strummol8 Sophia for a couple of hours, and then I’m gonna work on tricks with my ReXtreme until I get around to buying an Equinox. If I get bored, I’ll switch to a Jet Set, Fiesta XX or Go Big!