Yoyojam Eqinox opinions?


i was thinking of offstring yoyos to and the Eqinox seems promising. Ive heard it has very good bounce, it spins fast and is also good at 1A. But i want to know other yoyo plyers opinions. Please help me if you guys have this yoyo.

(M.DeV1) #2

The equinox is designed for fast playing tech style offstring tricks, really not a yoyo to start offstring with. I would recommend a fiesta xx. Good play at an amazing price and a nice big size, perfect for starters.


Well it’s very good. If you’re a beginner though a Fiesta xx or a Go Big are probably your best options to start with. I love the equinox but play off string for a couple months with a go big or fiesta first then buy it once you know some tricks :slight_smile:


start with a fiesta xx and then work your way up to a rextreme or equinox depending on how you play. If you do a lot of body tricks then go for a rextreme, but if you like the sort of style that bryan figueroa and john narum play then go for equinox.


i own a fiesta and a go big i just want to know how good the equinox is im pretty advanced in offstring sorry for the confusion, i meant a new off string yoyo


oh then what is your play style?


1A,4A,and 5A is it good with 1A too i saw it in the promo video