4a Beginer

I am pretty advanced at 1a and am think to start 4a. herd the aquarius is great but I think it’s discontinued. What are your favorite 4a throws. Also preferably the one with rubber. Thanks

I personally love the yyj fiesta, it’s really durable and… Awesome
I’ve also heard great things about the rextreme, but that costs a little more

I have the equinox and it is awesome. I am just starting also and have beat it up. It’s taking the beating with minimal scuffing (it is a little harder plastic though) but I feel bad because it’s a little more pricey so I just ordered the griffin wing. I will give you an update when I get that. I may order a fiesta when it is restocked. Definitely need something durable when starting 4a.

you could find a zeekio the bird which is basically a aquarius

Well the Big Yo is great because it has a big size for easier catching and easier to learn with.

The Fiesta is a great yoyo, does the tricks well but just a tad smaller than the Big-Yo.

I’d go witht he Fiesta, it’s definately durable.

if u want a fiesta wait for yyj to release the fiesta XL which will have more added weight, wider gap with silicone pads like on the equinox

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I love 4a and personally the yomega xodus 2 is a great beginner. It’s cheap and you can get it at toys r us.

I just got my first 4A throw today, just picked up a Flying Panda on a random trip to Big 5 Sporting Goods…also picked one up for my brother as he was interested in trying out 4A stuff. I am also learning the Diabolo and thought 4A would be fun to do also. Initially I was going to get one at the BAC event but never made it back to the Duncan table to do so. Was also looking at the YYJ Big Yos at the BAC but they felt a little bit too big for me…and I wanted something that would soften the impact. I may eventually try out a Big Yo just for giggles due to the enormous size. About the Panda, do be warned though, rubber rims while providing a nice shock absorber, the yoyo will definitely shoot off and bounce everywhere. Also, the caps on mine seem to like to pop out so I am doing without the caps for now, it’s a fully clear Flying Panda.

if you are looking for a very beginner yoyo i can sell or trade you a yomega Xodus 2 ::slight_smile: