(winterjibber) #1

which 4a yoyo is the best.hayubusa aqua flymaster/offstring or the bigyo


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Preference :slight_smile:

No yoyo is particularly the best. However, I like the Hayubasa the best out of all of them.


It’s the trump card of all trump cards! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok sorry, but yes it is basically all preference. Some people love the Aquarius, some the Hayabusa, Flying Panda, BigYo, whatever else there is. If you want to get lots of answers, search. Use something like offstring or 4a or something along those lines.


Flymasters are out of production.

I like the Offstring over Aqua though, Aqua snags a lot, but Offstring doesn’t as much. Aqua bounces far away when it hits the floor, but Offstring bounces, but not so far if its still spinning strong, so you can catch it more easily. Thats what i think ??? But you can beefcake the aqua to make it better.


I reccomend Aquarius for beginning of your 4A adventures.
But if you wan’t to change if you feel that you are super pro, then hayabusa.

(SR) #6

I’ll just list a few. Aquarius, YYF FAST Offstring, Hayabusa, Flaying Panda, Xodus II. Hope you can choose from those.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

Its all about preference like Samad said.
If you like rubber rims, weight, shape, Etc.

(winterjibber) #8

i know its preference but but i dont have a 4a yo yet so which one should i buy.


hyabusa is the best i would think even tho i dont hav 1


The Big Ben is my personal favorite offstring yo-yo. My second favorite is the k-os extreme.

(Emily) #11

if it’s your first offstring, go for the Aquarius, or the big yo

(winterjibber) #12

i think i will go with the bigyo