flying panda

is the flying panda good? or should
i get a different off string yoyo cause I’m getting
a speedmaker and a offstring yoyo but i want or i should say
need to spend under $30

IMO, Hayausa, BigYo, Aqua.

Well, 4A is probably my favorite/main style now.

I have/had Hayabusa, BigYo, and Aquarius.

The BigYo seems a little to “Big” to me. Seemed harder for me to whip catch with a BigYo because you need the loop to be larger then the yo-yo, I it just IMO, but also, It seems to slip when I throw it. I can’t do the powerful whole body throw beecause it goes to far back, and sometimes I am in need of an extra wrapping around the bearing. I cleaned my bearing, but that causes throw slips for me, I can max a 1 minute 10 second spin with this thing.

The Aquarius. I don’t have this anymore because the side broke, but before I knew how to clean the bearing and such, I just used REALLY worn strings and a loose gap not for snag. I have tried cleaned bearing Aquas and they seem to play almost perfect. Fit nicely in my hand, I could barely bind and it would snap back, I can do “Power-throws” and I don’t have an exact time, but it was around 1 minute 30 seconds.

Finally, the Hayabusa. Personally the Hayabusa is my weapon of choice… for 4A . Even before I cleaned the bearing It had no snag but maybe a accidental bind or so if an extra string snuck in there. So I cleaned the bearing and blasted it out with pressurized air, and it seemed to do anything. It comes with 2 thin spacers, 2 thick spacers, 2 Friction stickers, and 2 silicone pads. I 1 thin and 1 large spacer and 1 silicone pad. Not much else I can say, IMO, best 4A out there. I can get around 2 minute spin with this thing.


Most offstring yoyos are pretty good. I recommend the Aquarius and Hayabusa as well. The Griffin Wing is a cheap alternative too, and some folks really dig it.