Is the flying panda a good beginner offstring yoyo?

Ive been getting into offstring yoyoing lately and ive heard that the aquarius is the best offstring yoyo, but yye is out :frowning: and id really like to support yye so is the flying panda a good beginner offstring yoyo? i saw the hayabusa too, is that one ok either?

thanks for the help!


Just like no 1a yoyo is the best, no 4a yoyo is the best. I personally like the Hayubasa the most though.

For a 4A beginner yoyo, I’d recommend the Flying Panda. The Hayabusa can be a tad unresponsive, and that’s something that you really don’t want to concern yourself with when starting 4A. I highly recommend the Panda.

If you dont mind not having outer rubber rings which will provide padding if you miss the yoyo, the Big Yo is amazing for beginners as it is very responsive and so easy to land on the string.

Yeah the rubber rings on the outside help alot :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed. :wink:

Anyways, I like the Hayabusa the best, if its too un-responsive, you can make the gap smaller and add Friction Stickers.

Bleh. They look the same.

Don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes.

I actually don’t recommend the flying panda for beginners learning to 4A.

I used pandas for a while when I got serious into 4A, and they were fun, but learning some of the tricks were difficult due to the pandas smaller size
(compared to other 4A yoyos).

Also, the pandas had a really grippy rubber that would cause the yoyo to fly off when it hit the floor after a drop.

Just got tiring after a while.

I find bigyos to be a better choice for the beginners.
Bigger size makes catching it easier, and the plastic is not grippy so a drop will result in a bounce that will stay right in front of you, allowing you to pick up the yoyo again and keep throwing.

After getting into 4A a bit, the panda is quite good for tech 4A thanks to its smaller size, but for the most part, pandas just aren’t my thing.

Good luck with whatever you choose!


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I think that the Aquarius is the best, because it is pretty big, easy to bind with, and comes off the string easily, but as you said, YYE is out of stock…


I think the Hayabusa is the best choice. Although it is a little bit small, you will get used to it, I don’t think it makes a huge difference. It is made of hard plastic, so it won’t bounce away like the Aquarius will, but it is still durable.

The Big Yo is, well, big, but it is hard for beginners, I feel. I still can’t really use it. It snags WAY too much. When I try to throw it, it comes right back usually. It also has hard plastic though, so it won’t go flying away when it drops.

So I think the Hayabusa is your best choice, unless you want to wait for the Aquarius to restock.

I love Panda’s, I have 6 of them. Great yoyos!

Why do you have 6 pandas?
Wanna give me one?

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No, I use them in my shows

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