hayabusa or flying panda?

Ok so i absolutely LOVE 4A but unfortunatley all i have is a crappy Xodus II and i need better spin time and performance. I have never used a flying panda or a hayabusa so i need some preference on which one i should get. Thanks!

the hayabusa is much more accurate and smoother than the panda. not to mention the hayabusa doesn’t need a response system that needs replacing.

although if you consider yourself a begginer i don’t recomend either of these.
i’d suggest an aquarius or yyf offstring.


I can do all the tricks on the off string section so i guess im not a begginer! I was kinda going for hayabusa any way but i just wanted that confirmed. Thanks!

i would say u should get the hayabua and i like that u want to get a duncan yo yo go duncan

Over the two, go with the Hayabusa SL. SL is soft landing, and won’t break as the higher risks are with the regular Hayabusa. The Flying Panda is a very good beginners offstring yo-yo. Wide, rubber rims make it easy so if you drop it, it’ll bounce. The Hayabusa SL is even better. The Panda has a bigger diameter, but a smaller width. Whichever you choose, you’ll like it. :wink:

Hayabusa. The panda feels weightless in my hands. Plus the hayabusa SL will last a little longer than a regular one.

OK! Thanks a lot!

I personally like the Flying Panda a lot. It’s about the same weight and gap width as the YYJ Dark Magic, but it has rubber rims that give it a larger diameter. And it plays really smoothly on the string.

I’m not sure about the Hayabusa, though. I still have to try it out.

If you want something challenging check this out!!!

WOHA! that yoyo is sick!