panda! VS hayabusa!

ok so im just lookin for a new offstring yoyo should i get the hayabusa or panda? Im lookin for better spin times in the yoyo :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t own either but from what I’ve heard the hayabusa SL “soft landing” is duncans premiere offstring and I’ve seen some sick stuff done with it.

Both are amzing.

My brother likes the Flying Panda, I like the Hayabusa.

Its a really though choice.

I sugest you google some reviews of both and compare look at some YouTube videos too it will help you identify what style you like more… Youtubes helped me in the past… :o

I say hayabusa others will say panda. with the hayabusa you dont need to worry about replacing response.
some people describe the hayabusa as being a FHZ (apparently a really good offstring yo-yo anyway)
with rubber rings.

hyabusa sl all the way its amazing

the pandas okay my friend has one he loves it

either one is a great choice

The last post was in august hes probably decided :stuck_out_tongue:


stop posting please its a really old subject and i didnt buy neither, i bought some shirts instead lol