duncan hayabusa regular version

the duncan hayabusa in my opinion is a very nice 4a yoyo. When i whip catch and miss it will bounce back about a foot, and give a second chance. but the one thing i hat the most is that when I try to put the yoyo gap on it widest setting, it is to big for the triad response. but in my opinion it is 20 times better that my big yo, my bigyo is siliscon ressesed and still very grippy, it always snags, but maybe just me. but any way, if you got the cash, and you are deciding, decide yes and get one

this yoyo will take a beating definetly a great choice for your first 4a.

Curious, how would you compare this to a Flying Panda? (I have a Panda by the way)

well i have a panda and a hayabusa sl. I prefer the sl over the panda but any good metal over grass or carpet is probably the best ;D

The SL’s run like the pandas when you drop them.
The regular versions of the hayabusa compare too the panda only in the fact that its a duncan.
They play totaly differnt. I like the hayabusa better, not the sl. SL’s too me are about equal in play to the panda, but they still move differnt then each other.