should i get Hayabusa or Hayabusa SL?


i have never done 4a before, but i want to learn. i have gotten recommendations for the hayabusa. should i get the SL (soft landing) or the regular? the SL only comes in one yellow (which i dont really like) but i dont wanna get a regular Hayabusa and have it break when i drop it. will a regular one break if dropped? what would you guys recommend?


The regular is much better because:
1 It is tough, I’ve dropped it from like three stories and it just got a scratch.
2 You can do better bounce tricks with it.


Get a Big Yo.

In all seriousness, any 4A is designed to take a beating. But, at some point, the beatings will win and the yoyo will break, regardless of what you buy unless it has rubber rims, which may merely prolong the inevitable.

The Big Yo is big, bouncy and should take a beating and last you getting through 4A basics and beyond before it gives it up. The Fiesta XX seems to be a step UP as far as quality over the Big Yo, but being celcon, it’s stiffer, so I wonder how many years(yes years) before it gives it up. The Go Big seems a good way to go.

I have no idea how stuff or ridig the Duncan plastic is. It’s a 4A throw, so it should be able to take a beating.



And the Hayabusa is really nice I like the Kickback on it,


I have heard that the sl will roll away when you drop it because the rubber is so soft. It is a bit more durable but it is not like your going to be doing any thing that will make this extra durability worth it, it is like buying a winter jacket that will keep you warm in -100 (celcius) when it only goes down to -30 max where you live.