LF hayabusa SL

HI! im looking for a hayabusa SL becasue i want a great offstring yoyo
criteria: it has to have no vibe or just as much as it had when you got it
has to have minimal damage
HAS to be SL!

what i have to trade:
Throw monkey with one silicone sticker+ CW barely any damage
speedmaker kinda a modder fodder and pretty much unresponsive
mabye a big yo2

 Thanks for looking O0

Are you an advance 4A player? Hayabusa SL and Big yo yoyos are advance yoyos, Aquarius yoyos are beginners to advance.

Happy Throwing! =]

Does it really matter?

I got a Hayabusa as my first offstring yoyo and it worked fine.

me too, but its just better to pick something specific/ best 4A yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]

Do I have to say it?


I have one, it has brown marks all over though. I could probably clean it though.

PMs now.