do the normal hayabusa have rubber edge???

Hi all dose anyone know do the normal hayabusa (not the SL version) have rubber rims?

Yes, but harder rubber.

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oh, thanx alot but will the rubber bonce or it will hurt the floor

lol, I don’t think the floor will get hurt too bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

The SL won’t bounce, it’ll grip the ground, and roll away. The regular one does bounce, but not too well. If all you’re looking for is a bouncy yoyo, which you really shouldn’t be, the BigYo 2 deos that very well from what I have heard.

Whoa dude, have you ever played with a regular Hayabusa? I have played extensively with Hayabusas and the rims feel far from rubber. Even hard rubber. I don’t know how hard rubber can get, but if can get to the point that it feels like plastic and looks like plastic, then I don’t know what I have been missing out on.

You are right about the SLs not bouncing though. They can’t bounce at all. The regular ones have a pretty decent bounce, but they are NOT made for bouncing. Busas have axle snapping/stripping issues and with enough play it will definitely break.

Bigyos have a decent bounce but I wouldn’t suggest bouncing with them either. If you want a yoyo that DOES bounce though, I would suggest the YYF OS, or wait for the YYF Pocket Change w/ offstring wings.

Anyway, I haven’t had any floor damage with any of these offstring yoyos so you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

I haven’t played one, but I have felt one. It feels a quite bit different from plastic IMO.

Eh, well in my personal opinion you should definitely have a little more experience with a yoyo before throwing out something about it like that. No offense or anything to you though. The Hayabusa you were feeling might have had sweaty hands all over it or something for it to have a different texture to it than a regular plastic texture. To me it is definitely plastic.

Probably that. It did feel hard, It just felt more like rubber than plastic to me, that’s all.

I guess it isn’t rubber in that case.

The store says this about the Hayabusa:
Available in two versions. The standard rubber Hayabusa™ or the Hayabusa™ SL or “soft landing” version where the rubber gives a little more bounce to the yo-yo.

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yep, i learned offstring with a Hitman, and each time i play i need to cover the floor with blankets. Since its undersized, its a little hard to catch. I am looking forword for one hayabusa

I think the description is a little misleading because the SL does not bounce well at all. It kind of just… Rolls away. I’ve also seen many descriptions about the Hayabusa and some of the descriptions make the Hayabusa regular seem like the SL. Whatever Duncan says though I guess. As long as people know that the rims of the Hayabusa seem like plastic, while the SL is definitely rubber feeling and does not seem to bounce as well as the description says it does.

Make sure you buy some extra axles too in case of anything going wrong.


Just to clarify again.

The regular Hayabusa has rims made of very dense plastic. It’s durable, but not bouncy or grippy.

The SL Hayabusa does have rims made of rubber, but it isn’t bouncy either. Just very grippy, and tends to run off a bit, although it’s more durable.

I hope that helps.

the regular hayabusa has rubber rims, just dencer than the sl version

How do you necro that far back? lol