Crazy innovations to yoyo's that you want to see in the future?

Flow-able Silicone that can cure within 15 minutes.
One drop flow-able silicone, not as in the company, but as in a sili that only needs one drop to spread evenly around the whole response area.
one size fits all response pads.
Color changing string.
color changing ano.

Ano that glows under black light, ano that changes outside/ in the sun, more fun side effects

Actually… Depending on one’s definition of color changing ano, I’m surprised I haven’t seen any “Pearlescent” ano. Ahhh that would be awesome.

The yoyo that spins forever when you want it to and bind just by you thinking about it.

Yeah… 8)

No way; where would the fun be in that? :wink:

Still hold the same opinion I held last time there was a similar thread: new designs using multiple materials. More extreme in execution than stuff we’ve seen so far.

well it could be a training yoyo but it cant happen, it will break the laws of physics

Nah, using a battery it could be possible. It wouldn’t be infinitely spinning, but it’d spin until it tilted or the battery runs out. I think hyperyoyo made one, but it plays bad.

Edit : Found a video on it.

More refinement on the motorized yoyo.

Thats very cool, he failed his binds though xD

I would love to see the one size fits all response pad idea come to life. YYF slim pad is quickly becoming the standard in most yoyos and they are good enough to where I wouldn’t mind putting them into any yoyo.

One Drop did something like this, but customizable colorways… kind of a pick your own thing. That would be cool. Custom/personalized stuff.

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A maglev bearing with the outer ring floating above the inner ring so it spins for extremely long times. Technically wouldn’t be a “bearing”, but whatever. XD

Had this conversation with a friend when he first picked up yoyo… we were trying to figure out how you could do maglev in a circular format (existing maglev is all linear afaik).

A yoyo with a bearing that screws on to the axle, then slides onto the loose bearing seat. The bearing would have threads on the inner part. The axle would be like the Luchador’s, where the axle is about the same size as the bearing seat. This would be the fix to too tight bearing seats, where you have trouble removing the bearing, and too loose bearing seats, where the bearing falls off when you unscrew it. To take off the bearing, you slide it off the seat, and unscrew it.

I call dibs on the patent. xD

'This sounds like a great idea, but imagine all the replacements of axles and bearings due to misthreading or stripping the bearing or axle. It’s just another step, making it inconvenient, rather than helpful.

I want to see a way to make Short axles strip less easily.

id love to see a yoyo, with giant bearings on the rims.
so palm grinds would be super sick XD

and somthing like lateral cap X Hubstack.
but the dimple, make it a full on concaved cup. that goes into the yoyo
so fingerspins will be near eternal,
and palmgrings will reach a high, never before thought :smiley:

They’ve done that.
yyj made the synergy, and auldey made the photon spirit (both a plastic and metal version)

@people mentioning motorized yoyos:
My friend actually has the hyper yo infinity. It’s pretty awful. Vibes like you wouldn’t believe, heavy as a rock (and plays like one too), and it doesn’t bind very easily. But on a plus side, it will spin as long as the battery lasts, granted you’ll have to occasionally fix the vibe with your finger.
If someone manages to make one that’s smooth and actually plays well, it’ll definitely be a blast to use. Especially for practice.

It would be nearly impossible to unscrew.(unless i read wrong :smiley: )

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Except its not all metal.
and doesnt have bearingized lateral caps haha

I would personally love to see Crucial and C3yoyodesign rim bearing project they had been prototyping actually happen and eventually become mass produced.


I would like to see refinement on replaceable rims like werrd is doing. I would also like to see further development on the synergy idea.

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