Crazy innovations to yoyo's that you want to see in the future?

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What? The bearing or the yoyo

The bearing. Think about what would happen when you try to unscrew the bearing off the axle. Bearings spin. :slight_smile:

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I think hubstack rims could be cool for interesting tricks in the future.


How about a magnetic bearing? You guys ever heard of those magnetic trains? A bearing that is basically magnets that oppose themselves (Likes). That would be pretty cool. No worries about cleaning and lube and all of that junk. Do you guys think this would be possible with strong enough magnets?

Problem is that this type is almost always an electro-magnet, which requires a pretty sizable external power source. If there were a way to package the batteries and all that, then it could work.

there is a glow in the dark peak out there. Look up glow in the dark yoyos and this guy has a site devoted for them. He somehow got Brett to find a way to make it glow.

It wouldn’t work with strong normal magnets?

kinda like this video you can’t walk the dog with it but that’s pretty cool!

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What do I want to see?..the unexpected…

Strings that last forever or a metal yoyo that can’t ding

Very consistent string for 2A. Don’t really like changing string every 5 minutes. I just want to play and learn loops/wraps.

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One thing I’d absolutely love to see happen (Got so close to getting it to but at the same time so far) is a dice that’s almost like a yoyo, it splits in half and has a very small bearing that the finger loop would connect to. It’d be normal dice weight and size, but in the middle of a combo you could do a snap start and it’d spin for a few quick seconds for a special trick (some I had in mind were double eli hops, green triangles, etc.). But don’t go around telling people that idea because I want to be the first to make it happen :stuck_out_tongue:

A Mighty Flea might sub in for this idea!

Always wanted to try it out but it’s WAY too heavy, haha

That is a fantastic idea!! You should tslk to landon or some other machinest to try to create it!

DUDE! I would KILL for one of those. I would buy that thing in a second! Seriously… if anyone has one of those or knows someone who does. I will buy it. haha


There was a yoyo called the CLYW Bear Trap that had removable caps as the rims, allowing them to be interchangeable. You could have the possibility to change the diameter, width, weight, shape, artwork, pretty much anything about the yoyo… all with caps… making it an ENDLESSLY customizable yoyo. It’s a great comcept but obviously it didn’t work out. If it was brought back to life I believe it could be the next big thing for sure. It would open up a whole new market! I don’t know whatever happened to this thing but it would be SO cool if something like this was made again and I think a lot of people would be interested in it.

Here are some pics:

All from a YoYoSkills Article on it in 2009-


I was thinking just the same thing with the ring bearings!
Edit: Just saw that video of them. So sick.

Edible yoyos! You wouldn’t be able with it,but hopefully they would taste good…

While it has already been done, I believe Yoyofactory should somehow be able to get in the game of interchangable cores for a low-end plastic ala like the Bandai brands in Japan.

I’d love to see that happen here in the states. Not necessarily “crazy innovation” though.