The Next Innovations... I Hope

  1. Loose rims that allows you to grab yo-yos on the rims.

  2. Titanium, as a material

  3. Square shapes (Not my Idea but that would be awesome)

  4. Metal/ Fiber hybrid strings

  5. New responses such as Metal Starburst and plastic O-rings.

  6. Installable Starburst, you can turn your silicone flush yo-yo into a Hybrid!

Dude metal starbursts would destroy string.

and plastic i think would be less grabby than rubber O Rings…

installable starburst kinda already exist although they don’t have a choice between sii and starburst YYF nailed it with the rubber shuttles.

And Titanium has been used quite a few times before.

An Innovation would be a yoyo you could control…WITH YOUR MIND!!!

Or Elastic string like they use with some Diablos.


Mind controlled yo-yo’s ruin the point. You can just imagine the tricks and then WYYC will be in the bag.

Than you would have to be even MORE creative :slight_smile:


  1. Synergy
  2. Been done
  3. Would be very difficult
  4. Would kill your hands
  5. Kill the strings

Maybe rims that won’t stop spinning if you grab teh actual body, then if you let go the whole yo-yo starts spinning again. Then Grab the rims and the body of the yo-yo spins instead!

That was what I wanted to say. I was thinking of… cooler string. Like elastic, super stiff (I made this one, it works great for whips,) maybe really smooth ones, cover it with oil or lube, and that way you can have one for a trick. What I found out was soft string was better for speed, stiff is for whips, etc.

  1. been done. and works.

For number 6, it’s called the fast series. You can silicone it or use the starbursts.

B.I.S.T has a square proto: I really think it will end up as a show-off yoyo. And bad for grinds asewell.

Addment: It’s not completely square, but close.

Mmm I think Fast 201 are the only ones left of the fast series…

And the sili isn’t really “Installable”

I think the best innovation would be pre modded FHZs!

Im tired of getting a color I like and having to send it out to get modded!

Silli them already!


Velocity’s, 401k’s and speed dials are what he was talkin abt. You can silicon them or use starbursts