Yoyo material ideas


Post them here!

-Metal rimmed delrin yoyo (which sorta got fulfilled)
-scandium/aluminum alloy

  • vanadium
  • ultra small mighty flea sized yoyo made of tungsten
  • zirconium ceramic bearing


Solid platinum with rhomium rims.


yoyo made out of glass


Oh god thats pricy!


Plexiglass would be bette, lol
Normal glass, dings would STINK.


Plexiglass is acrylic. There have been quite a few acrylic yoyos.


But normal glass would be awesome cause you can’t afford to ding it. And if you’re too scared to actually play it, it would make a boss paperweight.


Ivory would be cool… too bad its illegal


Idea! we make a yoyo… out of MOON ROCKS! hows dat?


solid granite, gold, titanium, paper, lava, watermelon… just a few ideas


Or meteorite :stuck_out_tongue:


Vibranium or Adamantium!

No really, I always though Scandium would be cool, or maybe a C405 aluminum alloy, Carbon Fiber or Mircarta.


Steel bearing with flint balls in a magnesium yoyo.(I already know it exists Duncan MG)


The new Double Joker is a metal with a delrin string zone.





Unicorn poo


Id like to see a yoyo made of rock.


I know Landon Balk (3YO3) did a cool mini out of Micarta with Brass Rims

I’d love an exotic wood yoyo (bland idea I know). There are woods out there that are pretty close to being as dense as acrylic, and Snakewood is just gorgeous.

Otherwise, I’d LOVE to have a yoyo made out of Mercury… Oh wait…


Platinum 190 impossible


Cerium put fire under it